Student work
Redesigned logo, brand guidelines, website & mobile site
Sketch, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator
Michaels Craft Store is inspiring, welcoming, and accessible to everyone with different artistic background. However, their current brand doesn't reflect that. With their main target audience being crafty moms and their children, updating their brand can excite customers and elevate their experience when browsing through the store or the web.   
For my updated logo, the swash on the letter M pays homage to the original logo (big fan of Bookman), while the organic curves and weights are brought from the current logo, to keep the idea of creating things naturally. I wanted to keep the integrity of Michaels' current brand, so I kept their current typeface, "Montserrat", that is used in their website, as well as their color red. The brand lives within a brighter, vibrant color palette as a means of unleashing your craft. 
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