Student work
Branding / Packaging
Custom logo, product packaging, stationery (business card, letterhead, envelope, magazine, postcard), website & mobile site
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch
The Equiva is a place for thriving innovators to balance living and a home office in a metropolitan city. While San Francisco being fast-paced and crowded, tenants are able to maximize their lives in a 150-200 sq. ft. space. A small living space helps solve the issue of space consumption, especially in an overpopulated city like San Francisco. Simplifying their living experience will help save time and essentially make them a little happier.
I chose the name "Equiva" because it is rooted from the word "equivalence"—a synonym for "balance". I wanted the name to represent the idea of balancing your work life from your home life, without being literal. The typeface that is used throughout the branding is "Gotham". It has simple, architectural qualities while the stretched letters in the logo represent the transforming amenities in the design of the hotel's structure. I chose a limited color palette for the brand (black and white)  to keep it minimal and to reflect on the idea of simplifying your life. 
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