Student work
Page Layout
Magazine covers and spreads
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
A virago is a woman of masculine strength or spirit—a female warrior. VIRAGO Magazine celebrates female chefs of all backgrounds. Targeted towards young women, ages 18-34, it aims to empower them by sharing experiences of being noticed in a male-dominated industry, as well as sharing recipes of all different cultures.
I wanted VIRAGO to distance themself from food magazine culture—cute, sweet, and domestic. Instead, I aimed for this magazine to be edgy and badass. This was achieved through the use of design elements that give the brand an elevated look and feel. The masthead is set in "Monument Extended", a powerful typeface with geogrotesque features that is meant for bold statements. The photo treatments and colors are unconventional for a food magazine, yet still grabs attention when sitting on the shelf. The interior layouts use an eclectic mix of typography with dynamic modifications to grids.
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